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Order Clomid Over-The-Counter. An Effective Infertility Treatment

Clomid Over The CounterAbout 30% of women worldwide fail to conceive because of anovulation. This problem may be provoked by various gynecological or endocrine health disorders. However, there is a treatment that can give a chance for maternity to such patients. We now speak about Clomid. This preparation was the one that initiated the era of assisted reproductive technology.

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Clomid. Some Basic Facts about the Drug

Clomid is a brand name of the preparation, which contains clomiphene citrate as an active ingredient. Its task is to induce the release of an egg from the ovary so that it is fertilized. The mechanism of action of Clomid is based on the stimulation of the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in the human brain. This hormone, in its turn, helps the growth of the levels of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones that are responsible for the egg maturation and its release from the ovary.

Due to the impact of the medication, women can ovulate and get the chance for natural fertilization. Ovulation is achieved in 80% of patients taking Clomid. The rate of pregnancy success reaches 40%, yet with every cycle of treatment, it increases. This means you shouldn’t refuse therapy if the first attempt turns unsuccessful.

Indications for Clomid

As we’ve mentioned, only a third of women with infertility suffer from disorders provoking anovulation. This means Clomid is not suitable for all women who struggle to conceive. The medication is recommended in those dealing with:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome;
  • Pituitary dysfunction;
  • Hypothalamic dysfunction;
  • Absence of menstruation for other reasons.

Clomidis not recommended in women with primary ovarian failure. However, there exist case studies describing Clomid efficacy for ovulation induction in complex therapy with other medications. Therefore, you should discuss the possibility of using this medication for premature ovarian insufficiency with a fertility specialist.

Clomid Dosage. Advice on Intake

Clomid tablets contain 50 mg of clomiphene. However, this dose may not be enough to induce ovulation in some women. To know what dosage will work for you, talk to your fertility specialist. A doctor will review your medical history and blood tests to choose the most appropriate dosing regimen. Usually, women start with a 50 mg or 100 mg dose once daily.

Like other medications affecting the levels of hormones, Clomid should be taken on a scheme worked out by your healthcare provider. In most cases, women should start taking the pills on day two or day three of their menstrual cycle. A single course of treatment lasts for five days.

If you managed to stimulate ovulation but failed to conceive during the first cycle of treatment, you can undertake another Clomid course after a 30-day break without increasing the dose. But if there hasn’t been ovulation, the dosage should be increased by 50 mg for the next cycle.

The maximum number of treatment courses recommended by the drug manufacturer is 6 cycles. However, your doctor may recommend up to 10 cycles of treatment, taking into account your health risks and the efficacy of the medication.

Who Should Avoid Treatment with Clomid?

Before you buy Clomid over-the-counter, it’s crucial to consult a doctor regarding contraindications you might have. The health conditions that should stop you from taking this preparation are listed below:

  • Vaginal bleedings of unknown nature;
  • Ovarian cysts not related to PCOS;
  • Hypersensitivity to clomiphene or other components of the pills;
  • Severe liver disease;
  • Dysfunction of adrenal glands;
  • Tumor of the pituitary gland;
  • Thyroid gland disorder;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Clomid tablets are not intended for men (unless they are transgender).

Risks Related to Clomid Intake

Apart from the benefits you may get from taking this medication, the therapy with clomiphene also bears some health risks. One of them is the increased probability of developing ovarian cancer. However, this may happen only if women use the preparation for over a year and have never been pregnant. Except for this, Clomid is considered to increase the risks for thyroid cancer and malignant melanoma.

As for the other risks, they don’t seem so serious, as they are not related to the health problems but to the number of fetuses you may conceive. In 11% of cases, women using Clomid for inducing ovulation get pregnant with twins or multiples. This makes your pregnancy of high risk, increasing the load on the mother’s organism.

Possible Adverse Reactions to Clomid

Clomid often becomes the reason for some mild-to-moderate adverse reactions related to the growth in the levels of hormones we’ve mentioned above. The unwanted symptoms usually show through:

  • Hot flushes;
  • Bloating;
  • Dizziness;
  • Stomach upset;
  • Tender breasts;
  • Headache.

Contact your doctor for advice if any side effects occur. Severe reactions to the drug may need you to go to the nearest clinic or call an emergency room. We now speak about abnormal vaginal bleeding, vision changes, mood swings, or fluid build-up in the stomach or chest area, which may signal ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.
Be careful when on Clomid, and don’t ignore visits to the doctor even if you buy the drug over-the-counter.

Clomid Over The Counter

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