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San Antonio Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Periodontal Disease San Antonio dentist

Periodontal Health

Your gum tissue and bone should adapt snugly around your teeth like a turtleneck around your neck. Your gums and bone are ‘attached’ to your teeth, creating a tight seal so that bacteria cannot pass under the gums.  Active periodontal disease destroys and ‘detaches’ your gums and bone from your teeth, forming ‘pockets’ which allows bacteria to enter and travel deeper and deeper under the gums, creating a periodontal infection.

The deeper the pockets become, the larger the space for bacteria to live. Over time this results in further bone and tissue loss as well as more rapid loss due to the higher number of bacteria. Inevitably, if too much bone is lost, teeth become loose and may need to be extracted.  This is an unfortunate progression of periodontal disease that can often be avoided with periodontal therapy and prevented with regular cleanings.

Periodontal Disease Therapy – Diabetes, Heart Disease…

Periodontal disease and oral diseases have a direct impact on the rest of the body.  Periodontal disease can be initiated or worsened with diabetes, heart disease, oral cancer, and other medical problems. New research has shown that periodontal health and therapy can help improve these conditions.  To better explain, lets consider your body’s immune system.  If your immune system is focused on removing the bacteria between your teeth and gums, it’s using a lot of resources trying to fix that chronic problem.  This reduces the amount of immune resources available for fighting other diseases, and coincidentally, negatively impacts both your oral AND systemic health.  Many of our patients have realized not only esthetical benefits, but systemic benefits after restoring periodontal health.  More energy, better sugar regulation, and an overall feeling of wellbeing – all from bettering oral health.  This is because your body’s energy is no longer used for producing immune cells to fight your oral infection.   That energy is then conserved to fix other problems more effectively and restore your youth!

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